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People are the most important resources for any organization. There is a never ending demand of most suitable manpower for the business entities. Similarly there is a continuous search for the most suitable organization by the candidates.

Shimuk is providing HR Solutions that caters to specific Human Resource requirements of organizations in India and across the world.

Candidates shortlisted by us for Multinational Companies have worked in various countries including Algeria, Italy, Libya, Tajikistan, UAE, etc. For several candidates it was like opening of floodgates of opportunities and they subsequently availed occasions to work in several other countries with various different International Organizations.

This way we bring together both candidates and organizations to meet their respective objectives in a most professional, qualitative & cost effective manner.

We resource Technical / Non-technical Manpower for various industries may it be Construction, Infrastructure, Power, Oil and Gas, Information Technology, BPO, Hospitality, FMCG or any other.

We undertake rigorous process of locating, inviting, sorting out the people with right credentials, interviewing, verifying and selecting the right person thereby saving huge amount of time and money for employers.

For our International Employers, skilled and semi-skilled workers are trade tested from the Government of India Approved Trade Test Houses before recommending them to the client.

We not only offer top of the line recruitment services but strive to give you the best and the most innovative solutions to all your HR related requirements.

We are a division of Shimuk Enterprises Pvt Ltd based in the National Capital Region of Delhi in India providing Project Management Services & HR Solutions Services.



Our Mission :


"To establish ourselves as the provider of paramount professional Human Resource Services"